Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Brand Your Small Business?

Of course, increasing name recognition is only one aspect of the branding puzzle, but an important one. It is particularly perplexing to a Small Business well known in a certain market, (perhaps where the Small Business originated), but disappointed at the lack of carry over in name recognition upon entering a new geographical area.
So, what can a Small Business do to increase name recognition? Here are some tips & ways you can begin branding your Small Business and increase the name recognition of your firm.
1. Hire a branding Small Business to bring your image and message under a brand. Develop all collateral and image materials (web, stationery, logo, tagline, mission statement, cards, postcards, brochures, elevator pitch, newsletters, letters, project sheets, resumes, bios, firm description, etc.) to coincide with the brand and your message.
2. Develop a mission statement that shows your reason for being and the value you provide to your customers.
3. Develop a memorable tagline that expresses who you are and what you do.
4. Make a matrix of all those you’d like to reach in the next year and the potential influencers on those people. Develop a timetable and calendar of outreach.
5. Regularly write and issue press releases to the media.
6. Regularly write and post press releases to your website.
7. Regularly write and post press releases directly onto the internet.
8. Regularly write articles and do all three of the above.
9. Regularly write and pitch feature story ideas to the media.
10. Diversify all marketing, PR and media to reach the markets where your clients are to be found (as opposed to marketing within your own service industry).
11. Participate (attend, speak, host, present, show) in at least two national and local industry conferences.
12. Create and issue an online or direct mail newsletter to the others for your Small Business.
13. Get known for niche expertise or specific industry knowledge. (speak, write, present, teach).
14. Participate in professional internship programs for your Small Business.
15. Participate and sponsor local charitable efforts; get your name in the program the charitable cause distributes; get your name in the press surrounding the event.

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